Concept & History

The furniture brand FURSTAR wanted to find an environmentally friendly production option as well as implement a new and contemporary development in the furniture world that would have trend potential for decades to come.

FURSTAR was able to pursue this development with its plastic lighting furniture, as well as in lighting technology to achieve the most innovative and environmentally friendly light output in bright colours. But not only that should have been the concept.

The FURSTAR team has equipped its lighting furniture with LED battery systems, which enable wireless use as well as the associated mobile luminous use at the desired location. Furthermore, FURSTAR produces its lighting furniture in white for the reason that the lighting furniture is pure and environmentally friendly.

It was certainly worth remembering that white furniture is more easily associated with soiling. However, FURSTAR was also able to ensure that this dirt problem was kept to a minimum, as the lighting furniture can be softened with special plastic cleaners and washed with a high-pressure cleaner. With its white illuminated furniture and its green, FURSTAR wants to draw attention to the fact that all white illuminated furniture is environmentally friendly, recyclable and suitable for every comfort ambience.

The light furniture dealer FURSTAR provides for unforgettable moments and provides with its sales proceeds with each of its customers for a green nature donation which reaches environmental foundations as well as nature conservation institutes.