General conditions of participation

Provided that we haven't published special conditions of participation for a competition on our web site followingly, the following general conditions of participation apply to the participation in competitions or draws organized by FURSTAR.

1. recognition of the conditions of participation

With the participation in the online competitions organized by FURSTAR the participant appreciates particularly and obligatorily the following general conditions of participation.

2. eligibility

Participation and profit persons entitled are only individual persons as of 18 years.

  • all employees of FURSTAR as well as all other persons who are busy with the execution of the action or were
  • Belonging 1st and 2nd degrees as well as their companions in community similar to marriage to the aforementioned persons.
3. Idea/execution

The competition will be presented online on the FURSTAR website. In FURSTAR's online competitions, the winner is decided by drawing lots. Online sweepstakes end at the specified time.

4. Costs

Participation in the FURSTAR competitions does not entail any extra costs for you - apart from individual connection costs. Participation is free of charge.

5. Announcement of the winner

Upon completion of the competition, the winner will be informed of his or her prize by telephone or e-mail.

6. Profit transfer

Any material prizes won at FURSTAR will be sent to the winner at a delivery address specified by the winner. A cash payment of non-cash profits is excluded.

Apart from our material prizes, the prize will be sent to the winner in the form of a voucher. The winner can redeem this at www. furstar. de when completing an order. A cash payment of the voucher value is excluded!

7. Promotion/advertising purposes

The winner undertakes to send FURSTAR a LIVE picture of the winning article after distribution of the prize. By participating, the entrant / winner assigns all rights to this image to FURSTAR for advertising purposes.

8. Data protection

FURSTAR shall treat the data transmitted by the participant within the framework of participation in FURSTAR exclusively in compliance with all relevant data protection principles. A use takes place - as far as a separate consent is not present - exclusively for purposes of the completion of the respective raffle.

9. legal process

Legal recourse is excluded.