Quality & Safety

FURSTAR's lighting furniture features environmentally friendly production and safety through (BMS) controlled LED battery systems. The furniture material is made of PE plastic which is proven to be resistant to all weather conditions and virtually unbreakable and can withstand professional high-pressure cleaning without any problems.

Every FURSTAR light fixture has a strong furniture density to guarantee long durability and difficult use.

The furniture material can withstand temperatures from - 60C to 80C and can only soften or harden. The LED battery lighting systems are equipped with a (BMS) battery management system, which safely controls the power sources and protects against overvoltage and short circuits.
The rechargeable batteries in the light furniture last up to 50,000 hours and are equipped with lithium batteries, which have a battery capacity of 4800mah each.
If required, a mobile wireless light furniture insert of 12-72 depending on light intensity can be guaranteed. With the inclusive infrared remote control which is placed to every illuminated furniture, a remote control can be carried out from a distance of up to 15 metres via different colour selections, colour menus as well as via the light intensity via the FURSTAR remote control.

FURSTAR's illuminated furniture offers everyone full equipment without unavoidable additional costs .